How It Works


Select & Make Profile

Choose the type of profile that represents you best. Create your own unique profile by uploading photos and filling out some personal details like skills, hobbies and interests.

Verify your profile by uploading a valid ID.


Explore List & Map View

Explore the interactive list and map view to adopt an awesome Backpacker / International Student or to find an amazing Host.

Refine your search by adding filters like country, type of profile and availability.

Browse through relevant information from their profiles and read user reviews to see if they are the perfect match for you.


Request Adoption

Connect with other users by using real time messaging that also allows you to send and receive adoption request in a click of a button.

Your new friend or best employee could be just one adoption away. The possibilities are endless.


Enjoy Your Adoption

Be part of a lovely family, work as an Au Pair, secure free accommodation in hostels, find employment through our job board or complete your Australian 88 days WHV.

Welcoming someone into your home or being adopted into someone else's family ensures your unique experience with the Adopt A Backpacker community through authentic cultural and work exchange.