How do I know which type of profile to choose?

There are 7 different types of profiles to choose from. Below are short descriptions of each of the profiles. You should choose the profile that best describes you & your goals.

  1. Backpacker

    Individuals traveling locally or internationally that are looking for free accommodation through help exchange, jobs, travel buddies & hangouts with new friends.

  2. Au Pair

    Young adults who travel to a foreign country looking to be part of a host family. He/she helps with childcare or light housework in exchange for food, a room & pocket money.

  3. Local Friend

    Friendly locals that don`t offer accommodation but love to share authentic local experiences & cultural exchange, like a weekend road trip, hiking or a friendly hangout.

  4. Regular Host

    Local households that offer free accommodation in exchange for help around the house or property like gardening, babysitting, farm work or just an amazing culture exchange.

  5. Au Pair Host

    Families looking for the next big brother or sister to join their family who helps with childcare & light housework in exchange for food, a room & pocket money.

  6. Hostel Host

    Hostels around the world that offer internships or work exchange to backpackers/travelers.

  7. WHV - 88 Days Employer

    Australian employers that can sign off 2nd & 3rd year Working Holiday Visas* (Visa subclass 417 & 462).

    *Available in Australia only.